Posted by: drdariush | 30 November, 2008

The Nikon D3x is (pretty much) Official

Here’s a link to a post on “The Nikon D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system”

Posted by: drdariush | 8 November, 2008

New flagship Nikon DSLR

Waiting eagerly for the new full-frame 24 mega-pixel plus D3x (or D4?). I’m writing as if I know it is coming … well, rumours about this have been around for a few months now and recent signs that point that way are: Nikon D3 price drops, the fact that some retail stores apparently can no longer order D3s.
In some ways Canon has stumped Nikon and Nikon needs their flagship DSLR to compete. The D90 was the first DSLR to come out with video, but then Canon came out shortly afterwards with their well received EOS 5D Mark II which has better video quality than the D90 (of course, since it is a better camera overall, with a higher mega-pixel count, etc.). Those interested in the video quality can see the official Canon video made by Vincent Laforet.
What we now need from Nikon is a top of the range DSLR with a 24+ mega-pixel sensor and video … let’s see what they come up with. There is a world wide Nikon event on 20 November and it is likely that we will get the D3x/D4.

Posted by: drdariush | 8 November, 2008

Good photography blogs:

For reviews of cameras, lenses, etc. no one beats Digital Photography Review . Photography Bay is another good resource of news, reviews, and resources. And if you’re a Nikon fan, then Nikon Rumors is a good blog to give you the latest updates and news related to Nikon cameras, lenses, etc.

Posted by: drdariush | 1 March, 2008

It starts here …

I will post comments about digital photography: cameras, lenses, software, websites, other blogs, techniques for photo editing, storage devices, etc.